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I will empower you and your team to reach exponential goals with clarity while driving results, increasing engagement, and promoting collaboration

Assess your Resilience Leadership skills and find out how to overcome professional obstacles in these simple steps. 

Become the Leader Your Team Needs


As a Transformational Leadership Coach, Virtual Facilitator, and Organizational Change expert. I help leaders and organizations create positive change. It’s that simple. My objective is to empower leaders to optimize their mission and maximize their growth by increasing profit, employee retention, ongoing sustainability while creating a positive company culture shift.

 How to avoid commons mistakes leaders make in times of crisis 

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The Coaching Process.


I offer a path to self-discovery and fulfillment in your career. By exploring your beliefs and values, you will gain key insights about your choices and goals. My mission is to provide a safe process for you to discover the answers you need in order to move forward with purpose and clarity.


With structure, comes freedom. For each foundational session, there will be a focus area coupled with prep work and take away actions.

Blurred Busines People


Javier is a Fantastic Leadership and Executive Coach. I highly recommend Javier and the Re-invent Coaching for anyone who wants to raise their results and be at the top of their field. As an Executive Coach, Javier has strongly encouraged my leadership growth for three months of our coaching agreement. He asked very deep questions and helped me address my own challenges.


Javier’s high expertise, inspiration and encouragement make him the Best Executive Coach to any leaders privileged enough to work with him. Javier is a very energetic and very experienced coach with a passion about leadership development. He is an exceptional professional in creating successful results that is very valuable to me. I appreciated how his approach was to empower me to take full responsibility for my leadership growth. His focus is truly all about helping you to build a successful career and a full life.


Javier has supported me in discovering my inner potential and achieving a big dream

—  Elena

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