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Energy Leadership.


An introduction to Energy Leadership

Webster's Dictionary’s definition of ‘Recognize’: to acknowledge formally; to admit as being of a particular status; to acknowledge or take notice of in some definite way; to perceive to be something or someone previously known.

Recognizing your style of leadership is the most transformative concept in the coaching process. How an individual perceives, acknowledges, and relates to the rest of the world is first revealed in the Energy Leadership Index (ELI) Assessment. This assessment is the primary step for creating a heightened awareness of oneself and is instrumental in moving an individual from where they are today — inclusive of all habits and behaviors — to where they want to be.

Seven Levels of Energy

There are two forms of energy that are key to the Energy Leadership™ framework that we apply when working with clients. Catabolic energy, otherwise known as destructive energy is at one end of the spectrum, while anabolic, otherwise known as building energy is at the other. Surprisingly — or perhaps not that much — individuals who are unaware of their leadership style spend the majority of their time in a catabolic mode. And when individuals spend much of their time in catabolic thoughts or behaviors, it is nearly impossible for them to achieve their goals or have influence over others.


We work together with clients to help move them along the spectrum towards more constructive thoughts and behaviors, which ultimately enables them to achieve their goals. Below are explanations of the 7 levels of energy people fluctuate between every single day. It is important to note that although a person moves between many different levels on a daily basis, their predominant leadership style is determined by which level they spend the majority of their day.

What level are you?

Level One: "Victim"

This is the lowest form of catabolic or destructive energy, where individuals are at the effect of life and not the cause. Thoughts and feelings of guilt, fear, self-doubt and low self-esteem are predominant at this level. Often times, you will hear a person exhibiting this level by saying "I lose" or "Why does this always happen to me?"

victim .jpg
conflict  (1).jpg

Level Three: "Responsibility"

This is the first level of anabolic or building energy. Responsibility is the overriding characteristic. It is important here to understand that the higher the resonating level of energy, the less judgmental a person becomes. At this level a person might say, "I need to win and hopefully you will win too, but I need to win anyway."

Level Two: "Conflict"

This is the most common energy level found in the workplace and is identified by conflict and anger. A person demonstrating this catabolic energy has a high level of frustration, is easily angered by mundane issues, and struggles throughout their day constantly putting out fires. Their attitude is "I win at your expense so you lose." Many people have experienced former bosses or even friends that exhibit catabolic energy level two.

responsability  (2).jpg
concern  (1).jpg

Level Four: "Concern"

This level is where you will find most leaders who believe in teamwork, loyalty, and traditionally put others’ feelings before their own. A level four leader will typically say, "You win, don't worry about me." Operating at this level of energy can lead to great success, however at times people can dramatically drop down to "Victim" energy as a result of not being acknowledged for their own accomplishments.

Level Five: "Reconcilation"

This is where you will find some of our greatest leaders. They are all about “win-win”. You may hear them say, "Let’s work together so that we both win." These leaders also look at everything as an opportunity. They are excited about their work and are accepting of other people's differences in how they go about their work. They have an innate ability to inspire others.

reconcilation .jpg
synthesis .jpg

Level Six: "Synthesis"

Leaders at this level are all about seeing the world as a whole picture instead of just parts. Their core thought is synthesis; feeling connected to everything and everyone. They are very creative and are among the most optimistic individuals out there. These leaders are often heard saying, "Everyone wins."

Level Seven: "Non-Judgment"

This is the highest resonating level of energy where winning and losing are non-existent. The people that resonate at this level of energy are some of the most powerful people in the world. They experience life as participants and observers simultaneously.

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