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Maximize your team’s time together with purposeful and productive meetings and retreats

  • Do you seek better business results?

  • Are you a team falling into the trap of pessimistic thinking?

  • Are you trying to force movement down the wrong path?

  • Do you have creative ideas that are not being acted on?

  • Do people struggle to give honest feedback?

  • Are you ready for more inspiration and authenticity in your day to day interactions?

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Experiential Facilitation Services
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Who we are

Re-Invent Coaching works with organizations to illuminate new thinking and possibilities. We offer a range of customized experiences that allow teams to break from the “business of work” and take time out to listen to the information and answers within.


We are passionate about helping teams to ALIGN by teaching tools that RAISE EXPONENTIAL GROWTH so that people can communicate more effectively in order to better understand each other’s strengths and challenges. Team trust increases and people open to their highest capacity to be effective leaders and problem solvers.


Our Process.

Every organization has its own culture and its own set of challenges. We work closely with leadership to uncover the core obstacles and then through a process of interviews, collaborative process design and well executed facilitation, support each team to reach their desired results.

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Our purpose is to inspire, illuminate, and guide you to your highest potential as a team and as an organization.

Through customized experiences we help to:

  • Illuminate new thinking and possibilities.

  • Improve self-awareness and self-management.

  • Facilitate groups to engage in conversations that unlock difficult situations.

  • Support groups that are feeling stagnant or blocked to reconnect with renewed creativity and ideas.

  • Connect individuals and teams to their passion and purpose in the work.

  • Crystalize new visions and roadmaps to achieve success -- in marketing, sales, team building, or C business focus and effectiveness.

  • Support teams to be more authentic in their work so that objections can be overcome and new connections can be made.

  • Bring new insights to the work at hand.

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Interested to learn more?

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