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Empower leaders to live without regrets

Many traditions talk about “the life well-lived.” Fewer offer the practical tools to create it.

That’s where we come in.

Re-Invent Coaching in collaboration with CreSendio offers ICF-accredited courses in Appreciative Feedback, Appreciative Inquiry Facilitator Workshp and leadership development, and personal growth programs fully online and world-wide, wherever internet service is available.

Online training options

You can now experience the full power of our programs and connect with your fellow participants, in a virtual setting. Our participants frequently tell us that they feel more energized after joining our courses than any other Zoom calls they’ve been on.



In this certification, we give you more of 12 practical techniques to apply in your accompanying conversations put at the service of your collaborators.


Those who enter this process of training will develop 5 skills Appreciative Leadership Basics:

  • Be unconditionally positive.

  • Listen generatively.

  • Inquire in a powerful and productive way.

  • Recognize uniqueness.

  • Accompany appreciating the differences.

In the current context, we have added a MODULE in which we will address how to understand V.U.C.A. and recommendations on the STYLE OF LEADERSHIP TO DRIVE AND ENHANCE THE PERFORMANCE OF TEAMS in these times of high complexity. During 8 weeks, we will have 8 two-hour meetings for delivery of contents, group tutorials and practices Live.


This is an accredited program by the INTERNATIONAL COACH FEDERATION as CONTINUING COACH EDUCATION. and gives whoever completes it 9.5 hours Core Competencies and 4.5 hours Resource Development.

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