I grew up in Spain during turbulent political times. The youngest of five children, I lost my mother at age two and later lost my father at thirteen. Soon after, I came to the United States to live with my next closest sibling in an age in the United States. At the time, I knew no English and was thrust into American culture and schooling.


Growing up was not easy. I was constantly overcoming the cruelties of life while also witnessing many personal miracles. When I came to California, I fell in love with Madonna and Prince and American popular culture.The 80’s was a great time for me to forget my past and grieve my father’s death and a non-traditional childhood. I grew up fast, which led me to join the high-tech revolution that changed the Silicon Valley forever.


I worked for my family business, and entrepreneurship and was introduced to me along with the university of life. I learned to think creatively, wear multiple hats and master the art of perseverance. From there, I entered corporate America and worked for a Fortune 100 learning the culture of working for a big company and importance of drive and ownership. Soon after, I co-founded Evinter Group, a business development, marketing and sales management boutique that brought me invaluable professional experience.


During those seven years, I wore many hats from finances to operations, human resources, sales, marketing, and planning. I developed a much better sense and appreciation of the art of entrepreneurship, working with the joy that you are part of something that is very close to you and your desire for independence. I understood that there is no limitation to anything and being resilient and moving into action can lead to rewards.


After the internet crash in the 2000s, I went back to corporate America and held multiple positions in business development and sales management. At my mid-30s awaking the giant took place and I ignore the desire of supporting, coaching and leading entrepreneurs into greatness grew. The name Re-Invent Coaching was born and it took 7 years before actually crystallized into a company almost a year ago.


Throughout that time of realizing my passion and getting certified and realizing my true potential and explore the many gifts that I have in acting member of several ministries from the youth, couples and men all with the same end history, bringing them closer to Jesus Christ. Also, my sense of achievement grew and my love for endurance sports became a part of life, completing marathons, ultra marathons, and century rides.  I take my Entrepreneurship Coaching and Leadership into all aspects of my life. I served is as Soccer Coach and I am an active member of the International Federation of Coaches of the San Francisco Bay Area.


My thirst for knowledge has increased throughout the years and I get satisfaction seeing my clients overcome their limited beliefs, becoming more resilient than ever and taking their businesses to the next level. 

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