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Helping Leaders Maximize Their Potential & Elevate Their Impact 

Driving leadership innovation and team performance through crafted conversations and probe-based conversation strategies that promote psychological safety!

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We Collaborate with Leaders 
and their Teams

Training and Certification

In our training, we increase transformation in leadership development, psychological safety, innovation retention, team performance, and facilitate training to lead to exponential conversations. 

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Facilitation Services 

We are committed to setting the bar for excellence in professional facilitation through our interactive method. Whether in-person or virtually, our experienced facilitators have successful, proven methods and tools for conducting collaborative sessions.

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Executive and Leadership 


Success is a complex and nuanced journey. One-on-one coaching provides your high potential leaders with the personalized support they need to navigate their unique challenges and drive success within your organization.

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Psychological Safety 


In academic and industry research, Psychological Safety has been identified as the number one determinant of successful people and teams. We scan your team and facilitate a powerful debriefing session uncovering alot of areas for growth.

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Strategists aiming to provide you with purpose & clarity 

Increase your team’s ability to achieve better business outcomes with a process that doesn’t get in the way.

The High-Octane
Mechanics Show

This is an interactive podcast show where we interview thought leaders about entrepreneurship, leadership, and management.


Jesse Harless

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What our clients have to say


I, personally benefited from the ability to understand and use the 10 principles of Appreciative Inquiry to pose questions in a positive manner as well as being conscious of assumptions during dialogue. Appreciate Dialogue section provided tools to strengthen authentic and inspiring conversation. I wholeheartedly recommend this course to all!

Jan Pieri

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Get in touch to get a Psychological Safety Guide for Virtual Teams and Receive Additional Leadership Development Tools for your team!  

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